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Application/Engineering Notes

As we build upon our library of application and engineering information, we make it available here. This information supports the selection and use of Res-Net Microwave products.

Application Note for the Mounting and Soldering of Surface Mount Chips

This application note identifies the recommended and proper techniques for conduction cooling and acceptable RF performance for surface mount chips. Proper soldering techniques are essential if a surface mount chip is to achieve the expected power dissipation and RF performance. The chip must be provided with adequate conductive cooling, as excessive chip temperatures could lead to early device failure..... (more)

Mounting of Flanged Microwave Devices 
This application note describes Res-Net's recommended methods of mounting flanged microwave devices to a heatsink or metal base plate. Ilustration....(more)

Handling and Soldering of Rod Resistors 
Application note addresses static protection, handling, and helpful soldering techniques for utilizing Res-Net rod resistors.... (more)