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New Product Literature

General Specifications

Find datasheets with specifications of newly introduced Res-Net Microwave products here.


New Convection Cooled Attenuators

The RFA1300 series of attenuators has excellent frequency operation to 2.4GHz with maximum VSWR of 1.20 : 1. These new attenuators handle 1300 Watts of average power and 2 kW of peak power. 

The RFA500 series of attenuators handle 500 Watts from DC-6 Ghz with a maximum VSWR of 1.30:1. 


New Convection Cooled Terminations
The RFT250NX series 250W termination has  maximum VSWR of
1.25 : 1 from DC – 4GHz.


New high power coaxial components
Datasheets covering five new high power coaxial components:

The RCX8KM2 DC - 40GHz coaxial termination offers superior VSWR of 1.25:1 with extended broadband frequency operation from DC to 40 GHz. The RA2-40KFMXX attenuators are offered in values from 0 to 30dB  and offer superior broadband attenuation accuracy and VSWR from DC to 40 GHz.
The RPAX100 series of attenuators operates to 3GHz and handles an average power of 100W. The RCX250NX termination handles handles 250W and has max VSWR of 1.3: 1 from DC to 5GHz. The RCXSF5E offers excellent performance to 26 GHz and 5W of power dissipation in a small package.


New high reliability CVD diamond resistors and terminations, including specifications and drawings are included in the attached document. The document, further, describes the acceptance procedure and tests that are performed on CVD diamond resistors and terminations to establish their reliability with screening requirements based on MIL-PRF-55342. 


New CVD diamond terminations complement Res-Net's line of CVD diamond resistors. Excellent power handling capabilities. Frequency response to 26.5GHz.  Superior thermal properties (high conductivity and low expansion). Total thin film construction. Ideal for pulsed power applications. Desribed in two product bulletins:

1) 0402 size (50 ohms, 15 watts, DC-10 GHz)

2) 0603 size (50 ohms, 50 watts, DC-26.5 GHz)


New high power high frequency CVD diamond resistive components. Ideal for pulsed power applications, these resistors are available in 0402 size (50 and 100 ohms, 20 watts, DC-30 GHz) and 0603 size (50 and 100 ohms, 50 watts, DC-20 GHz) and can be packaged in tape and reel or waffle pack. Descriptive product literature: 

1) RPC0402DR High Power (20W) High Frequency (30 GHz) CVD Diamond Chip Resistor


RPC0603DR High Power (50W) High Frequency (20 GHz) CVD Diamond Chip Resistor

New high-power attenuators and terminations.
These high power components offer an alternative solution to Beryllium Oxide and are made from lead-free materials. Chips are compliant with RoHS and other environmental standards.


CVD Diamond Components Selection Guide

New Power Flange Terminations Selection Guide

New Power Flange Resistors Selection Guide

Stripline Terminations Selection Guide


Aluminum Nitride:
· RPCA150N-20L1 – DC to 3GHz, 20dB, 150W AlN chip attenuator
· RPCA150N-30L1 – DC to 3GHz, 30dB, 150W AlN chip attenuator
· RPC230-350NT50-2 – DC to 3GHz, 100W AlN chip termination
· RPT516N60-50-5 – DC to 5GHz, 60W AlN flange termination
· RPA10N-XX  DC-4GHz, 1-30dB, 10W AlN flange attenuator

·RNCAXXVW3 - DC-8GHz, alumina surface mount attenuators

·RNCA2 Series DC – 12.4 GHz, 2 Watt chip attenuators

·RPC4020-10AT50-5  1-Watt alumina chip termination
·RPC805015AT50-5  2-Watt alumina chip termination 

·RPC100-200-2AT-50-2 20-Watt alumina termination


Beryllium Oxide:

· RPT1900-1000-50-5 DC to 1 GHz 1000W flange mount termination
· RPR1900-1000-XXX-X flange mount resistor, 10-300 Ohm, 1000 Watts average

· RPC250-250-4T50-5C DC to 8GHz 100W chip termination

· RPT515-100-50-2 DC to 8GHz 100W flange termination

· RPC80-100-25Z50-5, DC to 18GHz, 20W SMT termination  

· RPT1900-800-50-5  800-Watt flange-mount termination

· RPT1250-500-5 DC-2GHz, 500W flange mount termination 

· RPT1100-500-5 DC-2GHz, 500W flange mount termination

New thermal jumpers: Ceramic chips designed to help in thermal management by transferring the heat from components in the PCB to an area where it can be safely dissipated. Res-Net thermal jumpers are electrically isolated and can be used in both RF and DC applications.


Thermal Jumpers Data Sheet